Monday, 12 July 2010

A trip to the Altitude centre

As part of our training we visited the Altitude Centre in Covent Garden where Richard Pullen gave us the benefit of his expert knowledge. He gave us some tips on dealing with Altitude some are basic but nontheless very effective eg sucking a sweet to prevent dehydrating faster and drinking a glass of water when you wake up each morning.

He checked our lung function, resting heart rate, got us to hold our breath for as long as possible (45secs) after breathing out and carried out a Hypoxic test to to see how quickly the oxygen in the blood (SpO2) de- saturated to 85% at an inspired simulated altitude of 5090m/16710ft.

He then provided us with a programme to help us prepare for what lies ahead. This session gave us the confidence that at least our body was capable of coping with altitude now all we need is the right equipment and the fitness....

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