Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Mont Blanc challenge

Over my head, in too deep, what have we let ourselves in for?... Will our fitness carry us through?...When it says it's not a technical climb, who exactly is saying that? These are my (our) thoughts two weeks prior to setting off on our 'holiday' to climb Mont Blanc.

Perhaps a bit of background is required; a little over a year ago whilst at a trade show in Germany (friedrichshafen) with some colleagues, an idea was hatched. The idea transpired from a conversation about Chris Moyles and crew climbing Killi. I, like many others, was impressed by their achievement and wanted to do something a bit different and challenging. Someone piped up that I should climb Mont Blanc, as it would offer a greater challenge than Killi. Now I have yet to confirm this 'fact', but in the months to come I intend to, as we are planning an assault on Killi in November. When I say 'we', it is myself and my girlfriend, of whom I will be sure to mention more.

So the story is as simple as that I have booked to climb one of Europe's highest mountains with McNab Alpine because someone told me it would be a good idea! Those of you who have climbed it or heights higher will now be thinking 'big deal', but if I add that we are both mountaineering novices or rather mountaineering virgins with a fear of heights, you may now think what a wally and to be fair I'd have to agree with you.

Our training has been sporadic at best, but in subsequent blogs I will update you of what we have done, the blisters that I have and no doubt will endure, the altitude centre, the kit required and hopefully if all goes to plan the ascent and descent of Mont Blanc, and the build up for Killi.....